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Trinetta Love

Dynamic Host, Actress, Singer, Model, Writer, Director, Film Producer & Founder of TStarzz Entertainment LLC

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Trinetta Love has been entertaining audiences since she was a teenager. She’s an Actress, Singer, Writer, Model, Host, Director, Executive Producer and CEO of TStarzz Entertainment. She’s performed on stages, in film, on tv, and was a co-host on a radio show. She’s appeared on Lifetime TV, VH1, and on Black Entertainment Television (BET).


Trinetta earned her Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management and Leadership. 


Trinetta produces online shows, projects, and film bringing fun, interesting, and positive content to the forefront. As the CEO of TStarzz Entertainment, Trinetta is responsible for finding and booking talent, writing material for shows, directing, editing, and bringing projects to life. Her work in front of the camera and on stage is known, but now her behind-the-scenes work is gaining momentum and attention.  Please be sure to visit and subscribe to:



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